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VSU/College Volunteers

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Volunteer Services has experienced a rising interest in our initiative from many VSU, Wiregrass and surrounding college students who are currently attending and exploring their interests in the health field. Many come to us as Biology, Nursing, and Pre-Med majors however, there is room for the discovery of non-clinical care and contributions to the business of healthcare administration as well. We talk through these non-traditional and traditional placement opportunities and work with the students to assist in career path discovery. 

The basic elements of service and care are instilled in each student volunteer prior to introducing them to the “back of house” environment. SGMC’s Volunteer Services believes in the importance of building a service foundation to understand, holistically, the commitment and courtesy that goes into providing an environment of comfort for our patients and guests. After 30-days of a “customer service centered” placement, the college student can then select an open area within the hospital as their primary placement. 

Requirements of College Volunteers: 

  • 30-Day Commitment in a Front of House Placement 
  • Greeting @ Main entrances 
  • Greeting @ Main lobby elevators 
  • Courtesy Transport/Wheelchair Recovery (CPR Certification Required, We Provide Classroom Certification) 
  • Minimum of 6 months or 100 hours for future verification of program and requested letters of recommendation 
  • Uniform investment 

Volunteer Services supports the community of students actively pursuing their degrees, recognizing the need for flexible schedules. We can work with you to allow you to work with us!