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Auxiliary FAQ’s

How can I apply to volunteer at South Georgia Medical Center?
All applicants are encouraged to apply electronically through our website. Due to the ongoing volume of interest this is the best method for responding to all who are interested. Volunteer Services processes an average of 40-60 applications of interest each month.

Why does it take so long to get started, I want to start giving my time today!
South Georgia Medical Center prides itself on the quality and safety of care we provide our patients and guests. All working members of the hospital whether employed, contracted, or volunteer labor, must go through the proper screening process for proper credentials and access to the SGMC Campuses.

Can I shadow or volunteer for a few weeks at a time?
The Volunteer Auxiliary is not conditioned to offer shadowing programs or specific department placements. The Auxiliary was primarily developed to offer our facility ongoing ancillary support based on needs. It is a membership based program with specific requirements for ongoing placement opportunities. These requirements include:

  • Initial/Annual Membership Dues ($10 for non-student/$5 for student – with proper documentation)
  • Initial/Annual Re-Orientation and Health Screening
  • Specific Uniform Fulfillment
  • Commitment of 75 volunteer Hours per Fiscal Year (October through September)

Does South Georgia Medical Center offer a shadowing program?
You may inquire about employment and/or short term, department specific shadowing programs through our Human Resources Department. 

Can I choose where I want to be placed?
All placement requests are considered in the order of your interest however, there are no guarantees for initial or on-going placement in a specific area. Placements are on a first come, first serve basis and vary by the hosting departments needs. 

What days and hours can I volunteer?
This is truly dependant on the needs of the area willing to host a placement. Most of our placements have shifts of 4 hour blocks and the shifts begin when the area has the greatest need. For example: our Critical Care unit typically runs schedules from 11a-11p Sunday through Saturday therefore, the shifts would be 11a-3p/3p-7p/7p-11p Sunday through Saturday. However, our Labor/Delivery unit runs schedules from 7a-11p Monday through Saturday therefore, the shifts would be 7a-11a/11a-3p/3p-7p/7p-11p.

Can I use my volunteer placement as a means to securing employment?
Although networking is encouraged, use of your placement to leverage yourself for employment is highly discouraged. Your intentions for volunteer work should be primarily focused on your efforts to give time of service to the hospital for purposes of civic involvement. 

I am a college student that leaves campus during breaks and the summer, can I still volunteer?
Of Course! If you have met and/or will meet all of the requirements of Auxiliary Membership, you may volunteer throughout the year, taking breaks as needed. Please note, placements cannot be “held” therefore they will not always be the same when returning from your breaks as they are filled based on need and other volunteer interests.