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Quality & Patient Safety

Our Quality Statement

We are committed to —

Customer Centered, Competent, Compassionate, and Cost-effective Care.

Patient Identification

A part of the mission of SGMC is to serve people and in serving people, we have implemented a process of patient identification to assure you get the services that were ordered for you. Prior to any care being given, employees at SGMC will properly identify the patient using two distinct identifiers, their name, the account number and or the medical record number. If your caregiver does not identify you by name and check your identification bracelet, ask them what patient they want.

Universal Protocol

Pre-procedure verification is conducted prior to any procedure or surgery being done. This is referred to as a “time-out” and is to assure the correct patient is having the correct procedure on the correct site. It also verifies the correct equipment and implants, if needed are available and the relevant images (x-rays) are properly labeled and available.

Bar Code Technology

The use of Bar Code Technology when drawing blood and giving medications has been implemented throughout SGMC to assure the correct blood tests are being done and the correct medication is given to you. Almost 100,000 laboratory tests are done and 470,000 doses of medications are given monthly and we have taken this extra step to assure that you get the correct blood tests and right medications.

Hand Hygiene

Prevention of Infection is a top priority. To protect patients from Hospital Associated infections, hand washing must be performed routinely and thoroughly. Alcohol – based hand gels have been placed in all patient rooms, waiting rooms, lobbies, and other areas to facilitate the practice of good hand hygiene by all individuals in our organization.