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Surgical Oncology

Whereas medical oncology focuses on the treatment of cancer with medicine and radiation oncology uses radiation, surgical oncology involves the removal of cancerous tissue, the biopsy of the tissue and the staging of the disease. 

SGMC’s general surgeons and pathologists work closely with our team of oncologists to achieve the best outcomes possible. Plastic surgeons also assist patients with skin cancer removals and with reconstruction after a cancer is removed surgically. 

Reasons for Surgery

  • diagnose
  • treat  
  • remove cancer 
  • restore function or appearance of the body 

Surgery can also be used to determine if the cancer has spread and the severity of the cancer, this is called staging.

Another form of non-curative surgery is palliative surgery, which is done to assist patients with relief of discomfort the cancer has caused internally.

Surgery is often the first step in comprehensive cancer treatment and is coupled with other forms of treatment.