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The Pearlman Cancer Center understands that nutrition plays an important role before and after treatment.  We have registered dietitians who are nationally credentialed and licensed through the state of Georgia, who provide comprehensive nutrition care for our patients before, during and after cancer treatment.

Nutrition Services:

  • Counsel on dietary guidelines for cancer prevention
  • Prevent and treat weight-loss and malnutrition
  • Provide tube feeding and IV nutrition recommendations and monitoring
  • Clarify nutrition-related information on health claims
  • Counsel on drug-diet interactions and dietary supplements
  • Assist with nutritional recovery following treatment
  • Provide dietary counseling for cancer survivors

How Does Nutrition Help?

  • Eating nutritious foods during cancer treatment can help patients better tolerate treatment related side effects. Patients with good nutrition during treatment may be able to tolerate higher doses of certain treatments.
  • Good nutrition during cancer treatment can help patients keep up their strength and engery and help maintain body weight and the body’s stores of nutrients. It can also help rebuild and repair body tissues that are broken down as a result of treatment.
  • Good nutrition during cancer treatment can help keep the immune system functioning at it’s best, which is important in fighting cancer and preventing infections. It can help decrease the risk of infections and speed healing and recovery.

To reach the dietitian by phone or to schedule an appointment, please call 229-259-4630.