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Congratulations on your pregnancy! This will be an exciting and fun time for you and your family! You will experience both physical and emotional changes throughout your pregnancy. Nurturing the life inside of you is a very important to the future health of both you and baby.

It is common to have a multitude of questions about your pregnancy. Below are some links to helpful resources that will guide you through your pregnancy. While these sites do provide a wealth of knowledge, there is no better source than your physician. Make an initial appointment as soon as possible so that prenatal care can be started. Discuss any questions or concerns you have about your pregnancy with your obstetrician.

 Is It Safe
Pregnancy Calculator
Pregnancy and Zika- What you need to know!

People You May Need

  • Massage Therapist
  • Doula
  • Family Lawyer
  • Chiropractor
  • Physician or Midwife
  • Childbirth Educator
  • Pediatrician
  • Life Insurance Professional
  • Childcare Provider

Choosing a Physician

Finding a physician early in pregnancy is important. Regular check-ups are needed to evaluate the growth and development of your baby as well as maintaining a check on the mother’s health and well-being.  Click here to find a SGMC affiliated obstetrician.

Your Birth Plan

A birth plan is an outline of your wishes for your labor and delivery. You should discuss and develop a birth plan with your physician. The birth plan will include choices of pain management, birthing methods, family involvement and more. At the Birthplace, we will do our best to follow your plan. Our number one concern is to do what is best for both you and baby. Changes from your birth plan may occur if something unexpected happens during the birth process. Your birth plan will not be altered for our convenience.

Parenting Classes

We offer all our expecting mothers, including their spouse and caregivers, a variety of classes to help them prepare for an enjoyable and happy birth and post-partum period.


Please remember to pre-register. You may complete pre-registration by calling 229.333.1779. By completing pre-registration the admission process will be quicker and easier for you and your family.


You may choose to be admitted “Confidentially.” Your privacy will be respected and enforced. Please be aware, in order for your privacy to be maintained, you will not have flowers delivered and our patient information will not send calls to your room. You may still have any visitors you wish contact you directly.

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

Women who have had cesarean deliveries are asked to speak with their obstetrician about the risks and benefits of vaginal birth compared to repeat cesarean.

Birth Certificate

Begin choosing a name for your baby. Some parents like to wait until the baby is born while others choose a name far in advanced of the delivery. When you are at the hospital for your deliver you will be asked to provide a full name for your child so that we may complete the necessary paperwork to submit to the state. Parents will receive confirmation of birth before discharge or in the mail. You may pick up an original birth certificate at the Health Department.