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Cesarean Incision

Your incision will be tender because the muscles were stretched during surgery. At first, the incision may appear slightly raised and pink in color. There may be a small amount of water/blood-tinged drainage from your incision. 

Dissolving sutures do not need to be removed
Staples will be removed by your doctor generally one week following surgery
Steri-strips will come loose in the shower in about one week
After your doctor removes your dressing, you may shower. Keep incision area clean and dry.
If you need to cough or sneeze, hug a pillow snuggly against your incision to splint it and reduce the pain and pressure over the incision
Place the pillow on lap (over the incision) when holding or feeding baby
Discuss with your nurse about getting out of bed and walking to avoid gas pains
Request pain medication as needed
Do not apply oils or creams to incision line until completely closed and healed
Avoid heavy activity including vacuuming and limit stair climbing