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Imaging Center and Women’s Imaging Center

The Imaging Center and Women’s Imaging Center at SGMC Health offers the very best diagnostic technology in south Georgia. It was designed, equipped and built with the patient in mind. Both Center’s provide convenient parking, easy access, comfortable settings, excellent customer service and great value.  

Imaging Center

The area’s only fixed PET CT, our brand new GE Discovery VCT 64-Slice scanner is the only tool of this superiority located in south central Georgia to diagnose, treat, evaluate and follow-up on cancer, coronary artery disease and brain disorders.

Brand new GE Lightspeed VCT 64-slice scanner takes 100 images per second, creating 3D images of organs and internal systems allowing physicians to instantly diagnosis a full range of disorders quicker.

Nuclear Medicine

Small, safe amounts of radioactive tracers are used to generate images which analyze kidney, heart and lung blood flow and function.

Digital X-rays are quick, painless and require no special preparation for the patient. In addition, our radiologists can electronically manipulate the image for improved detail and accuracy.

Women’s Imaging Center

The new Women’s Imaging Center has a dedicated entrance for women needing mammography, ultrasound or bone density testing.

Digital Mammography 
Our sophisticated, full-field digital mammography provides shorter exam times, earlier detection, faster results, better visibility and overall superior care.

The only technology in South Georgia that merges real-time ultrasounds with previously acquired CTs, MRIs or mammograms to provide quicker diagnosis and treatment.

Bone Density 
Advanced equipment measures the density of bone structures to identify fracture risks due to osteoporosis.