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SGMC Nurse Uses High School Football to Lift Patient’s Spirit

Posted on: December 15th, 2015

When Janice Bristow presented to South Georgia Medical Center last September, she thought she was just sick. However, initial exams determined Jan needed a heart catheterization and she was admitted to the Dasher Heart Center. It was at this time Jan connected with Dale Clements, a Senior Staff Nurse in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. Dale and Jan are both big fans of football, specifically supporting the Valdosta High School Wildcats. Jan recalled coming out of surgery, “You know how they ask you a question to determine if you are responsive? Well Dale asked me, ‘Who is the greatest high school football team in the nation?’ and I pumped my fist in the air, stating, ‘Go Cats!’” Jan’s surgery required her to stay in the hospital on a Friday night, but that didn’t stop her from watching the Cats play. Staff ensured she was able to watch Valdosta High’s game via live streaming.  High school football announcers even dedicated that night’s game to Jan and her recovery. Jan returned to the CICU last week to present staff members with a special gift and personally thank each of them for her excellent care. She gave the staff handmade snowman ornaments, each featuring different colors and personalities. But all snowmen had one thing in common, a special heart emblem to represent their specialty of care. There were many factors that came together to create my exceptional experience says Jan. “Skill, care, compassion, and prayers,” she says. “The Dasher Heart Center is professional, with a personal touch. I couldn’t have been in better hands.” For more information on the Dasher Heart Center, visit