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SGMC Adds Advanced Identity Resolution Technology to Safeguard Patients

Posted on: January 28th, 2016


SGMC Patient Access Services Representative Kenneth Brown showcases the SafeChx software and how easy it is to use. Valdosta, GA (January, 2016) – Beginning this week, South Georgia Medical Center patients may experience a modern, convenient registration process that protects against identity theft and the creation of duplicate medical records. Using a state-of-the-art system named SafeChx, patients will be able to register using their fingerprint to instantly and securely access their medical information.Enrolling in the system for the first time takes each patient less than 30 seconds. No fingerprints are stored by SafeChx. Instead, SafeChx creates a unique identifier of more than 2,500 characters per person that is used to ensure the right person receives the right care. In follow up visits, registration using SafeChx will take just seconds and provide an additional layer of identity protection.“SGMC is committed to protecting patients and providing staff with necessary tools to guard the identity and confidential information of patients,” said Becky Tarr, Interim Administrative Director of Revenue Cycle Management at SGMC. For more information on SGMC, visit