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Renovations Underway to Facilitate CPOE at SGMC

Posted on: April 3rd, 2011

In preparation for Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE), an electronic medical record (EMR) initiative at South Georgia Medical Center, renovations are currently underway on several floors of the hospital.  We ask the public’s understanding and patience while these transitions are in process.According to Chief Nursing Officer Ken Kiser, renovations to nursing stations on 3-West, 4-West and 5-West are underway. “To make room for more computers and physician workspace, we are creating physician work areas in our nursing stations,” Kiser explained. “We are relocating the nursing stations temporarily to make way for the construction crews.  Signage will be posted to direct visitors and staff to the alternate nursing station locations.”Over the next few months, similar renovations will occur on other units.“We are trying to be sensitive to the noise and other inconveniences construction brings about,” Kiser explained. “We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.” SGMC, like all hospitals, is under a Federal requirement to fully implement electronic medical records by 2014.  SGMC’s EMR initiative has been underway for the past five years.  From 2015 onwards, penalties are likely to be levied on entities dealing with patient healthcare data unable to upgrade themselves to electronic records.“We applaud the diligence of our physicians and staff as they undertake new and challenging ways of doing things,” Kiser concluded. “The outcome will be improved patient safety and that is our priority.”For more information on the CPOE/EMR initiatives at SGMC, contact Community Relations at 229-259-4421.