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Medics Honored for Saving 116 Lives

Posted on: March 28th, 2017


Forty-eight employees of South Georgia Medical Center’s Mobile Healthcare Services were recently presented Life Saver award medals by the Southwest Georgia Region 8 EMS Council, accounting for 116 live saves. Life Saver medals are awarded to paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) who successfully revive a patient who is found not breathing and without a pulse. The award comes in the form of a red bar pin that is worn on the uniform shirt lapel. Over a medic’s career, the award may be received multiple times.

SGMC’s EMS received the most lifesaver awards out of all participating organizations. According to EMS Administrative Director David Bauch, MPA, RN, BSN, Paramedic, “The significant number of lives saved by the quick response of our medics demonstrates the vital role they provide to SGMC. They are the first responders to emergency situations and must provide immediate care so a patient’s symptoms and injuries don’t deteriorate.”

This year’s honorees included: Will Adams, Doug Giltner, Tim Hinton, Cindy Rigdon, Todd Daniel, Randy Lancaster, Eric Franz, Paulette Luke, Terry Hawke, Susan Anglin, Casey Stafford, Scott Yarbrough, Nicole Pendleton, Chuck Lester, Harry Rowe, Stephen McKown, Garrick Burton, Herbert Denton, Tim Rawlins, Tyler Hart, Angie Cavin, Nick Tomlinson, Brett Wilson, Nikki Jackson, Dustin Scoggin, Allen McDougald, Brent Montelius, Scott Fountain, Kaye Harris, Diane Causby, Kathy Williams, Matt Morris,

Sam Haag, Russell Parks, Trey Glass, Daniel Coulstring, Stefani Linares, Bruce Phelps, Tiffany Frazier, Amy Scott, Jon Fox, Isaiah Woodcox, Joy Wilcox, Joshua Stalvey, Will Lawhorn, Justin Purvis, Katie Jennings, and Kayla Goble. Ten of the 48 honorees attended the Region VIII EMS Appreciation Banquet in Moultrie, GA, representing SGMC Mobile Healthcare Services.

Pictured are Scott Yarbrough, Herbert Denton, Nicole Pendleton, Cindy Rigdon, Casey Stafford, Terry Hawke, Allison Warren, Sam Haag, Tim Hinton, and Daniel Coulstring.