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Hospital Authority Board Names Hospital Heroes for August

Posted on: August 17th, 2016

SGMC recently received a letter from a patient’s family member who detailed her experience, highlighting individuals who cared for her by name. This resulted in those individuals being named the Hospital Heroes for August by the Hospital Authority of Valdosta and Lowndes County, GA. The individuals included Cindy Ellis, MRI, Derwin Taylor, CT, Elijah Cone, Radiology Transport, Felton Harrell, Traction, Gary Rowan, RN CICU, Alterron Hatcher, Phlebotomist I, Marshall Ingram, CT, Sandy Henson, ROI, Ragan Duggan, XRay, and Rebecca Wilkes, XRay. The letter reads:My family and I would like to compliment the following employees involved in providing radiology and medical records services. These employees are great representatives for the hospital system. My mother was hospitalized recently and experienced excellent care during CT Scans/radiology services. Following the hospitalization, we needed records to be faxed to an Emory Clinic doctor in Atlanta, Georgia. This was done expeditiously and with a pleasant helpful attitude. During the hospital stay, my mother was greeted and transported via wheelchair or bed for scans and MRIs by two great gentlemen who treated her with gentleness and care in positioning for comfort while displaying smiles. They actually brought smiles and laughter to her face as they wrapped her with warm blankets for warmth and encouraged her.As you are aware, hospitalization is difficult for patients and families without dealing with employees who are “just doing a job!” Often the bedside manner PR treatment does as much for patients as the medicine and goes a long way toward relieving stress, especially, in the elderly. Please know that families notice and patients are affected by kindness and extra care. Thanks again for all you do to bring comfort and reduce the hassle/stress while providing services. Listed below are employees that are to be commended: Cindy Ellis, SGMC Chief MRI Tech- for always showing empathy, care, and responding to questions, phone calls, emails, and requests. She provided direction and advice on records procedure with appropriate phone numbers and contact information.  Derwin Taylor, SGMC CT Tech- Derwin provided excellent care during scans, positioned for comfort and made positive comments with kindness!  Elijah Cone, Transporter, Radiology-  demonstrated a great pleasant attitude, with smiles and gentle, caring patient treatment, wrapped mom in warm blankets, appeared to love his job, demonstrated through his actions! Mom actually enjoyed the “ride!” (it would be nice to bottle his enthusiasm/kindness) A true Positive Professional!!  Felton Harrell, Transporter/Lift Team Tech- took great care of mom as he transported her to her room the first day of hospitalization and assisted later. Kind/gentle!! Professional but Always With smiles!  Gary Rowan, RN, SGMC- Nurse who started first IV without pain on first try. Thanks, Gary!  Marshall Ingram, SGMC Chief CT Technician provided great care each time, and determined that they could complete CT w/dye and use Current IV. He came to the Cafe to explain to family, then transported mom with extra care and kind treatment.  Sandy Henson, Release of Information- provided advice on records procedures via telephone and emailed the appropriate patient release form to mom’s home saving us an extra trip to get the form/signature. When I delivered the form, she assured me that she would take care of faxing hospital records first thing, Tuesday AM, which was reassuring since mom’s appointment is on Friday. She also advised of options for picking up CDs of scans.  Reagan Duggan, Radiology Tech- pleasant greeting, answered several questions and interruptions as I thought of another questions. I am not sure, but she may have stayed over to take care of all of her clients. I also observed that she came into the waiting area several times to communicate with others. (while this was done in private, her smiles & mannerisms indicated kindness) She appeared to be a dedicated, efficient worker! Thanks Reagan for saving me another trip and preventing the hassle that families often go through in securing records, when just a little PR helps! Becky Wilkes, Radiology Tech- I met her briefly toward the end of my visit but she volunteered to walked me up to front desk for information and spent time as needed. (Pleasant/willingness to help) These are probably services that are provided by these excellent employees on a regular basis. However, they may not hear how important they are and how much their positive attitudes are appreciated. Please express an extra “thanks” and commendation from a grateful family. These are examples of Gold Star employees deserving accolades!