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SGMC Neurology and Neurosciences

Meet our amazing team.

Drs. Eisa, Patel and Posas have nearly 120 years of combined experience in treating neurological disorders.

Dr. Patel was the first neurologist to practice in Valdosta, joining NNSC in 1986. He says it was neurosurgeons Dr. Domenic Esposito, Dr. Wade Renn, and Dr. Jesus Hiramoto who opened the private practice in the 60’s and really laid the foundation for access to this specialized medical care. 

Dr. Posas joined the practice in 1993 and Dr. Eisa in 2005. Over that time, the practice developed a program of excellence that is recognized throughout the state. The physicians provide care for patients from over a 100-mile radius.

Dr. Mahmood Eisa

Sleep Medicine


Dr. Bipin Patel



Dr. Hernan Posas, Jr.


4274 N. Valdosta Rd., Valdosta, GA