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SGMC Health Partners with ClearBalance

Posted on: December 13th, 2023

SGMC Health is proud to announce a collaboration with ClearBalance Healthcare to empower patients with affordable healthcare financing solutions.

ClearBalance provides reliable, transparent, and inclusive patient financing, revolutionizing the way healthcare is accessed and experienced. Patients benefit from the program without the need for credit checks or approvals, and do not incur finance charges or additional fees associated with traditional financing sources.  

“At SGMC Health we seek to provide unequaled access to care and an unsurpassed experience,” shared Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer John Moore. “ClearBalance Healthcare’s 0% patient financing solution is a gamechanger for patients, providing a vital financial support system for those who need it.”  

ClearBalance’s patient financing solutions are designed to leave patients as financially healthy as they are physically and mentally. Patients have access to best-in-class financing models that simplify their account management process. This option is available for all healthcare services and out-of-pocket costs at SGMC Health.  

For more information, please visit or call 229-433-1040.