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Wellness Benefits

Gym Memberships

Benefit-eligible employees may purchase YMCA and Bodyworks Family Fitness memberships at substantial discounts through payroll deduction. Obtain details at SGMC HR dept.

Clinical Benefits

Disease Management: 
SGMC offers a Disease Management program to all benefit eligible employees through CoreSource. Employees participating in the program will receive pharmacy discounts as well as other benefits associated with the plan.

Tobacco Cessation: 
Free program at some SGMC campuses. Contact Community Health Promotions for schedule.

Free Flu Shots: 
Free Flu Shots through the Employee Health Dept.

YMCA Application.pdf(236677)YMCA ApplicationDownload
Wild Adventures FAQ.pdf(65387)Fall Frenzy Frequently Asked QuestionsDownload
Bodyworks Family Fitness Application.pdf(133878)Bodyworks Family Fitness ApplicationDownload

Have questions or need help setting up your benefits? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!