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If you think you are in labor, come to the Emergency Department, located on the south side of the hospital. You will be escorted to Labor and Delivery after you are checked in.  Please see the Know When to section if you are unsure of when to call or are experiencing any painful or unusual symptoms.

If you think you are in labor, your physician or mid-wife may want you to call him/her before going to the hospital. Clarify arrangements with him or her during your regularly scheduled appointments.

If you have a scheduled induction or cesarean, your doctor will schedule the date and time. Please come to the Main Lobby at the front of the hospital. You will complete your registration and be escorted to Labor and Delivery.

Scheduled Inductions or Cesareans

When a Cesarean birth is a planned procedure, your doctor will schedule the date and time. You will be admitted to the Labor and Delivery unit on the day of your Cesarean birth.
It is of extreme importance that you follow your physician’s instructions, or your surgery may have to be rescheduled.

Do not eat anything after midnight the night before your surgery or induction (unless your doctor tells you otherwise).

Items to Bring

Admission/Epidural papers

Insurance Card

Photograph for focal point

Birth plan (if you have one)

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Slippers and bathrobe

Shower cap



Lip Balm

Comb and brush

Full-size cotton panties

Two well-fitted bras/nursing bras

Pillow with non-white pillowcase

Clothing and blanket for baby’s trip home

Infant car seat (leave in car)


Phone numbers to contact family and friends

Family and Visitors

Please ask family and visitors to enter the hospital through the Main Lobby. We offer convenient parking in the parking deck located on Pendleton Drive with access to the main lobby on the second floor of the parking deck. They may wait on the arrival of baby in our family and friends waiting room located on the second floor of the main hospital.