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Know When to…

During your pregnancy remember to discuss all concerns and symptoms you are having with your obstetrician.

Call Your Doctor While You are Pregnant…

If you experience any of the following symptoms, contact your obstetrician immediately:

Bleeding from the vagina
Sudden gush of blood or water from the vagina and/or leaking
Sudden, continuous or intermittent abdominal pain
Fainting spells or loss of consciousness
Blurring of vision or spots before the eyes
Pain or burning sensation while urinating
Chills or fever 

SGMC will see obstetric patients that are undelivered and experiencing complications, needing treatment, or monitoring in our Post Partum or Labor and Delivery area.

Go for Labor Evaluation…

Call your obstetrician or go to the Emergency Department if either of these occur:

Sudden gush of water from the vagina and/or leaking

Labor pains are three to five minutes apart (for first time moms) or seven to ten minutes apart (for second time moms) and last 45 to 60 seconds each and do not change with change in activity.