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Why Nursing at SGMC

What makes the nursing profession at SGMC different is related to our excellent organization and the safe, quality care that we provide to our patients and community.   Our employee partners are vital to the delivery of service excellence.  Our nursing leadership team is committed to attracting, growing and retaining the best nursing talent. 

Nursing Vision

Through unit counsels, SGMC nurses will provide outstanding evidence-based patient care, balanced with concern for the well-being.  Commitment in nurturing and caring for all those we serve with reverence, integrity, compassion and excellence.   

Scholarships and Programs

SGMC nurses are strongly encouraged to grow and develop careers within our healthcare system. To support our nurses at every level, this is why we provide such programs to support you achieve your individual best.

Critical Care Residency Core Program

This evidence-based program is designed to prepare registered nurses to care for critically ill patients requiring advanced monitoring and nursing care.  It serves as a template of knowledge and education that is to be built upon with clinical experiences.  The course combines classes and skills labs with interactive hands on experience prepared to support nurses gain experience and clinical skills and judgement. SGMC residency program is incorporated into our educational programs and is supported by preceptors, leaders and our clinical educators.

Residency program includes:

  • 19-week RN Residency in Specialty Adult care (MSICU, CICU, CPU)
  • 4-6 hour per week is allotted for didactic info during the Full Time work week

The Scholars Program

SGMC offers educational assistance through the scholarship program for all Registered Nurses.  If you are interested in pursuing your career this program might be able to help.  The scholarship is established to financially assist nurses on their journey within our healthcare system.

Recipient Requirements

  • 2.8 GPA must be maintained
  • Upon graduation, recipient is required to work at SGMC one year for each year or part of a year tuition was funded
  • Letter of Intent
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation
  • Letter of acceptance from an approved school or letter of intent
  • One (1) Copy of official transcript

Download the Nursing Scholarship Brochure

Nursing Practice Exam Program

To support Registered Nurses successfully pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) nursing exam to receive a nursing license, SGMC provides up to $250.00 towards the review course during the enrollment period in school.