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Staff Testimonials – Rehabilitation

“I am so grateful to play a part on the journey home for our patients. This is truly rewarding!”
Leslie Montgomery, PT, MPT

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard of any person going through nursing school and saying “I want to be a rehab nurse”. It’s just not as “glamorous” or as known of a specialty as mother/baby or ICU…but I can say from experience that it is EVERY BIT as rewarding. We have patients that come back every year on the anniversary of their stroke just to say “thank you for helping me walk again”. We have patients that come on to our unit unable to formulate words, swallow foods, stand up, especially not walk and then after a couple of weeks, intense interdisciplinary therapies, and A LOT of team effort from nursing and therapies, the patient is able to go home and be mostly independent. It never gets old to see a patient and family come into my care on day one hopeless and unsure about the future ahead of them and weeks later to hug them as they get into the car to go home with confidence and certainty that life will go on despite their disability.”   Megan Gray, RN, CRRN

“Family is a priority in my life.  Ever since moving to Valdosta I have felt that SGMC is an extended family.  I was welcomed here with open arms and this hasn’t changed in the 4 years I have been here.”    Kendra Davilla, MS, OTR/L

“When I did my clinical here back in August, I fell in love with this place. The rehab team was great and made my experience here a great one. I was able to learn a lot. Everyone was so helpful and welcoming and made me want to work here.”   Griffin Martin, PTA

“I have worked in the Rehabilitation Department 19 years.  One of the best aspects of working here is that we are truly making a difference in people’s lives.  Rehab is a place where you can spend your days working alongside friendly, patient driven, dedicated co-workers. Where every patient becomes a “family member”.  There are not enough words to describe the love I have for my job, or my “work family”.”                 Christy Daugherty, Support Coordinator

“I enjoy working with everyone on Inpatient Rehab we have a great team. I am very passionate about the patients that I work with and my job is very rewarding to me. I feel that my experiences with my daughter have made me more compassionate and understanding of the patients and families that we serve. I knew this was the unit for me the first day I had a clinical rotation here as a student nurse.”  Penny Thomas, RN