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COVID-19 Testing

If you are sick with signs and symptoms of COVID-19, you can be tested at one of SGMC’s walk-in labs.

Open Monday-Friday, 7am – 5pm

  • SGMC Smith Northview Campus, 4280 North Valdosta Road, Valdosta, Georgia 31602
  • SGMC Main Campus Professional Building, 2409 North Patterson Street, Valdosta, Georgia 31602

To access your test results

Click here to login to your MyChart account, where you will see your test results uploaded similar to the image below. If you do not have access to MyChart, you will need to visit Medical Records at the SGMC Patient Financial Services building at 402 Woodrow Wilson Dr, Valdosta, GA 31602.

1.         Login to your SGMC MyChart (https://mychart.sgmc.org/ or on the MyChart mobile app)

2.         Click on the Test Results menu.

3.         Select your COVID-19 test, then click the printer icon on the top right to print.

Patients must be 13+ years old to have access to their own MyChart account.

SGMC MyChart proxy access allows parents, legal guardians, or caregivers to access a patient’s health information on the patient portal. With proxy access, parents can send messages, schedule appointments, or request medication renewals on a child’s behalf. Parents can also review information about a child’s current medications, upcoming and past appointments, and more.

A MyChart proxy needs their own MyChart account in order to view the patient’s MyChart information. Common examples of MyChart proxies:

• For young children and adolescent patients: parents or guardians

• For adult patients: spouses, adult children, or other caregivers.

1.         Login to your SGMC MyChart (https://mychart.sgmc.org/ or on the MyChart mobile app)

2.         Click on Your Menu.

3.         Click the Request Access to a Minor’s Record section by scrolling down to the Sharing section or by searching for it in the search bar

4.         Fill out form and submit. Enter the information of the minor (patient), not your information.

5.         After you submit, the SGMC Medical Records team will process your request.

If you have any questions, please call (299) 433-2000 to speak with our SGMC MyChart Staff.

SGMC has set up a special request line (229) 259-4927 patients can call and request an appointment to receive their results via hard copy.  Please leave all information if a call back is required to schedule an appointment to pick up results.  It is NOT necessary to call multiple times as return calls are handled on a first come first service basis.   Appointments are being made in 10 minute intervals Monday – Friday 8am-4pm.  We also ask that calls to other areas of the organization not be made as the release of this information can only be obtained through this number or the MyChart method.

Patients are required to complete this authorization form prior to any release of testing results. This applies to patients and guardians who are legally identified.  

Please arrive at your appointment with the completed “Authorization for Release of Information” form and a picture ID at:

Patient Financial Services Building and Release of Information

402 Woodrow Wilson Dr.

Valdosta, GA  31602

Under the federal HIPAA regulation SGMC is only allowed to release the information to the patient unless the designation of the person picking up the result is on the release and signed by the patient. If the patient is under 18 a parent or guardian can be provided the results upon request.

SGMC is working diligently to provide hard copy requests as timely as possible. However, based upon demand and hours of operations this could take longer than 24 hours.   

Again, SGMC highly recommends utilizing the online MyChart option if the results are necessary for return-to-work requirements, placing children in schools, people that travel and require negative status prior to departures, etc.