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Community Health Needs Assessment – SGMC Berrien Campus

In FY2017, SGMC Berrien Campus commissioned Barlow-McCarthy to conduct a community-wide Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). The CHNA is a federal requirement for all not-for-profit hospitals under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of March 2010. It is a systematic, data-driven approach to determine the health status, behaviors and needs of residents in the Berrien County area. 

The study was conducted to identify the most important health issues in Berrien County using secondary and primary research to determine health indicators and risk factors. The top four health risk indicators identified were (in alphabetical order): Alcohol and substance abuse, lack of specialty care, lack of behavioral health care, and smoking. 

Click here to view the full Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) Report.

CHNA Implementation Strategy

The Implementation Strategy will be executed over the next three fiscal years. It includes measures to monitor and evaluate program effectiveness. 

Click here to view the full Community Health Needs Assessment Implementation Strategy.