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Transfer of Berrien County Hospital Ownership Postponed to March 31

Posted on: February 18th, 2013


The transfer of ownership of Berrien County Hospital is subject to the giving of a number of notices mandated by federal regulations. Circumstances have prevented timely compliance with one of the notice provisions required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services before that federal agency will approve the transfer.

Although this is a technical regulatory issue, the failure to comply with the narrow notice requirement will prevent the completion of the transfer of ownership of the hospital to the Hospital Authority of Valdosta and Lowndes County, Georgia on the initially scheduled closing date of February 28th. For this reason, the date for the closing of the sale of Berrien County Hospital to the Authority has been extended until March 31, 2013.

Neither the Sellers nor the Authority anticipates any additional delay in completing the transaction. On April 1, 2013, Berrien County Hospital will become a part of the SGMC System and will be known as SGMC Berrien Campus.