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South Georgia Medical Center Retired CEO James McGahee Honored

Posted on: October 12th, 2012


The Georgia Alliance of Community Hospitals (GACH) honored James McGahee, recently-retired CEO of South Georgia Medical Center (SGMC) in Valdosta, as its 2012 CEO of the Year. Every year at its annual conference, the GACH recognizes the contributions of a CEO who has helped push their hospital to be successful, while continually focusing on innovative options for their institution to provide more community benefits.

In short, the GACH honors the hospital leader who uses their skill and constructive imagination to see how much they can give for a dollar, instead of how little. “At a time when our hospital leaders are facing more challenges than ever before, the importance of recognizing and encouraging forward-thinking CEOs like James McGahee has never been greater,” said GACH President Monty Veazey.

“We know how hard James has worked and the challenges he has faced,” continues Veazey, “we think the public should know too and that is why the Alliance recognizes him as our 2012 CEO of the Year.” This year, the Alliance honored McGahee for his leadership in helping SGMC thrive financially and improve qualitatively in the face of a downturned economy.

During his tenure, SGMC has expanded its capabilities, to include new services and valuable outreach and education programs that benefit students, persons with chronic diseases, the elderly and the uninsured and underinsured. He has overseen the construction of state-of-the-art cardiac and spine centers that were recognized by Georgia Trend as a top ten service line for Georgia hospitals. All the while, James managed to provide an unparalleled community benefit, generating approximately $601 million in revenue for the local economy and providing approximately $26,847,924 in uncompensated care in 2009 alone.

In receiving the honor, McGahee thanked the GACH and predicted continued SGMC innovation and community benefit under newly-appointed CEO, Randy Sauls. About the Georgia Alliance of Community Hospitals. The Georgia Alliance of Community Hospitals (GACH) has been working for the best interests of community not-for-profit hospitals and Georgia’s health care consumers since its founding in 1983.

The Alliance is dedicated to furthering the ability of community hospitals to fulfill their primary mission of serving their communities. To this end, it serves as a resource to its member and a leading expert in advocating for sound health care policies and regulations. Release from the GA Alliance of Community Hospitals.