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SGMC’s Emergency Medical Service Honors Employees

Posted on: January 29th, 2014

SGMC’s Emergency Medical Service Honors Employees 1/29/2014 VALDOSTA, GA– South Georgia Medical Center’s Mobile HealthCare Services (EMS) recently honored two staff members for their commitment to the profession, patients and the community.  The 2013 “Paramedic of the Year” award was presented to Ronda Vanek. According to EMS Chief Tim Brogdon, Vanek, who has worked in SGMC’s EMS for more than eight years, currently serves as a field training officer for the department.  Asst. Chief of Clinical and Educational Services Jeremy Norman, BAS NR-P CCEMTP said, “As a field training officer, Paramedic Vanek takes pride in training the organization to be one of the best. She excels in teaching others. Her dedication to the organization is evident every time she clocks-in to work. Ronda also seeks out opportunities to improve her abilities and grow as a professional.”   Each year, EMS also recognizes a new staff member who has been employed with the department for less than15 months and who has exhibited excellence in performance, patient advocacy, ethics, teamwork and overall contribution to the success of the department.  The 2013 Rookie of the Year award was presented to Paramedic Diane Causby. Captain Randy Lancaster, EMT/P said, “Paramedic Causby always has a smile for any one that needs it, she never complains when given extra tasks to do. She is always trying to improve her patient care abilities, even asking if there was anything she could have done better on a critical call. She is a great asset to our department.”Deputy Chief for General Operations David Bauch, MPA,RN,BSN,EMT/P said, “Our service is extremely blessed to have outstanding first responders like Paramedics Vanek and Causby.  These paramedics are true patient advocates. They consistently demonstrate how SGMC works seamlessly with the community to ensure the health and wellbeing of its citizens.”The Paramedic and Rookie of the Year recipients are nominated and selected by their peers. South Georgia Medical Center’s Mobile HealthCare Services responds to over 13,000 calls annually.