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SGMC Nurses Attain National Certification in Emergency Nursing

Posted on: June 20th, 2011


Six Emergency Department nurses at South Georgia Medical Center have successfully completed the examination for national certification in emergency nursing, administered by the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN). Registered Nurses Allison Close, Tina Daniels, Nikki Hall, Mesheal Leverett, Karen Joyce and Joey Smith were recently notified of their achievement. The credentials following their names will now read RN, CEN. They join Tracey Gniewek, Doug Jackson, Cathy Price & Jennifer Stevick who have previously reached this milestone.

Certification in emergency nursing (CEN) is a nationally recognized credential that represents a nurse’s commitment to achieving excellence in the profession of emergency nursing and to providing the highest quality of care to his/her patients. The rigorous study and testing is voluntary and symbolizes our emergency nurses’ dedication to their profession and their patients. According to SGMC’s Director of the Emergency Department Craig Davies, emergency nursing incorporates a wide spectrum of patient care that requires extensive knowledge and highly specialized nursing skills.

It also requires the ability to care for patients with a wide variety of ages, illnesses, and injuries. “The certification exam evaluates a nurse’s knowledge and ability in areas such as patient care management; orthopedic emergencies and wound management; neurological and cardiovascular emergencies, substance abuse/toxicological and environmental emergencies, and shock/multi-system traumatic emergencies,” Davies reports.

Upon reaching this milestone, Davies says that all six are applying to the SGMC Clinical Advancement Program which begins in the fall. CAP involves direct care registered nurses in improving patient care processes by participating in leadership activities. ED registered nurse Tracey Gniewek will be a second-year CAP participant. For more information, contact SGMC Community Relations at 229-259-4421.