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SGMC Honors Service of Volunteer Auxiliary

Posted on: May 19th, 2016

A few of SGMC’s Volunteer “Red Coats” Bob Harris, Howard Brock, James Biles, Lewis Herrin, and Bob Tlusty enjoy a luncheon honoring auxiliary members on May 11. South Georgia Medical Center’s Volunteer Auxiliary recently awarded pins to members for lifetime hours of service. Since its inception in 1956 Auxiliary members have given nearly 1.5 million hours of service in 20 areas of the hospital.The Volunteer Auxilians, or Pink Ladies and Red Coats as they are called, are dedicated individuals who give their time to provide invaluable care and attention to patients and staff. “Our volunteers don’t wait for a need to be voiced, they seek it out and meet it,” said SGMC CEO Dr. Raymond Snead. “SGMC wouldn’t be what it is without their service and we are honored to be associated with them.”Auxiliary members receiving pins for hours of service were: (100 hours) Shain Johnson, Ora Morrison; (200 hours) Dot Chambers, Katarzyna Jankowska, James O’Rear; (300 hours) Mariana Santoyo-Brinkley, (400 hours) Bob Bauer, Melanie Ford, Pearl Wright; (500 hours) Henry Hicks, Carolyn King; (700 hours) Kathy Folsom, Robert Kelley; (800 hours) Jim Bowen; (1,000 hours) Inday Bauer, Howard Brock, Grace Mack, Angie Martinez, Mattie Miller, Jan Newton, Emerida Rodriguez, Shirley Sainz; (1,500 hours) Carol Griffin, Jaunita Rodriguez; (2,000 hours) Bertha Graham; (2,500 hours) Louis Herring, MaryJo Travillian; (3,000 hours) Diane Belcher, James Biles; (3,500 hours) Bob Harris, Richard Uhlir, Doris Welch; (4,500 hours) Barbara Thomas; (5,000 hours) Evelyn Harrell; (6,000 hours) Phyllis Garnett; (8,500 hours) Geneva Webb.The Auxiliary also maintains a commitment to fundraising projects that directly fund and support the growth of SGMC. Additionally, the Auxiliary awards the Clarice Ivey Massey Scholarship annually. This year’s recipients included Amber Akers, Megan Clark, and Shikeka Poinsett, who received $500 toward continuing education in the medical field. For more information on SGMC’s Volunteer Auxiliary visit