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SGMC Honors Nicole Clark as September Hospital Hero

Posted on: September 23rd, 2021

South Georgia Medical Center honored Nicole Clark, social worker, as the hospital hero at the September Board of Directors meeting.

President and Chief Executive Officer Ronald E. Dean, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Brian Dawson, Nicole Clark and Case Management Director Jennifer Smith

Clark has been with SGMC for 22 years and was recognized for her compassion and commitment to those who are less fortunate.

According to Case Management Director Jennifer Smith, Clark goes above and beyond in her role, even purchasing walkers for her patients that do not have insurance and are low income so they can discharge safely out of the hospital.

Smith stated, “Nicole is an experienced social worker who is known by colleagues for her skills in working with patients and families in challenging situations. She does so with the utmost kindness and respect and is very intuitive, identifying and preventing issues before they occur. Nicole takes time to orient new staff, be a resource to her teammates, and provide outstanding care to her patients and their families.”

Clark is known for her display of human kindness which might include helping a homeless patient secure placement within a skilled nursing facility, calling local restaurants to get patients their favorite meal, or ensuring patients in need of clothing have it.

“There are so many examples of exceptional acts of kindness that I could give for Nicole. Nicole treats everyone equally with respect and dignity no matter their station in life. SGMC greatly benefits from the generosity and tireless effort that Nicole displays every day for her patients and coworkers,” explained Smith.

Clark received a standing ovation from those in attendance.