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SGMC Foundation Funds J.Y. Brooks Palliative Care Program

Posted on: November 13th, 2019
SGMC Foundation presents check to Hospice of South GA for J.Y. Brooks Palliative Care Program. L-R: Dr. Tommy Hobby, Elizabeth Vickers (SGMC Foundation, Executive Director), Emily DeCesare, NP-C, Amanda Mason, LCSW, and Suzan Prince (SGMC Foundation, President).

SGMC Foundation donated $50,000 to the J.Y. Brooks Palliative Care Program at Hospice of South Georgia. Funds were given from the self-sustaining J.Y. and Louise Brooks Endowment Fund, invested within the SGMC Foundation.

The J.Y. Brooks Palliative Care Program is a new program that began at Hospice of South Georgia in July of 2019. Mr. Brooks came to appreciate hospice services in 1998, after Hospice of South Georgia served his late wife, Louise. During Louise’s illness, he became a Hospice volunteer. After she passed away, his deep appreciation and respect for the care Hospice gave resulted in a very generous gift to benefit future patients.

J.Y. and Louise Brooks

The home-based palliative care team is led by Emily DeCesare, NP-C and Amanda Mason, LCSW.  Thomas W. Hobby, MD serves as the Medical Director for both Hospice of South Georgia and the J. Y. Brooks Palliative Care Program.

“We want to educate the community on what a palliative care program offers and how it differs from hospice care,” DeCesare shares. Hospice serves patients with a life-limiting illness where a cure is no longer possible. The focus of a palliative program is to provide home-based care to patients who have chronic illnesses requiring comfort in symptom management, as well as aid in community resources. Palliative patients will continue attending all doctors’ visits, treatments, and any in-home services they may already have.

The J.Y. Brooks Palliative Care Program includes a network of clinicians who deliver care to patients. Amanda Mason speaks on the extensive network offered at Hospice of South Georgia. “The Nurse Practitioner and the Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) work closely together to cover all avenues for a Palliative Care patient’s needs.  The LCSW tends to focus on the emotional wellbeing of the patient and family who may be experiencing difficulties when facing chronic or even terminal illnesses.”

This home-based service focuses on improving the quality of life for the patient and caregiver. “Our palliative care program also offers volunteer services on an as-needed basis, scheduled in advance. These volunteers can give the primary caregiver a much-needed break,” shares DeCesare.

Programs, such as this, receive funding because of the philanthropic investment from the Foundation’s donor family. “We’re grateful for the opportunity to continue the legacy of J.Y. and Louise Brooks by honoring their philanthropic passion for supporting hospice and palliative care patients in our community,” expresses Elizabeth Vickers, SGMC Foundation Executive Director.

For more information about the J.Y. Brooks Palliative Care Program, call 229.433.7000 or visit