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SGMC Announces Director of Patient Access Services

Posted on: July 15th, 2015


Faith Walker South Georgia Medical Center announces that Faith Walker has been named the Director of Patient Access Services. In this role, Faith will be responsible for the coordination and supervision of the PAS managers, staff and activities of Patient Access Services for South Georgia Medical Center and its affiliated Campuses.

Faith will be working with the team to set higher service standards, improve customer service, reduce wait times while also increasing the overall amount of up front collections. In addition, she will be working to establish a Fast Pass process for patient’s that have gone through the Pre-Registration process.

This will be developed for every point of service. Faith has worked with South Georgia Medical Center since June 10, 2002. She was a Biller II in Patient Financial Services until October 2011 at which time she transferred to SGMC Lanier Campus as the Patient Access Office Manager. At the acquisition of SGMC Lanier Campus on May 01, 2014, she moved into the role of PAS Affiliates Manager, responsible for Patient Access Services at the SGMC Smith Northview Campus, SGMC Berrien Campus and SGMC Lanier Campus.

Faith received the Hospital Hero award on two different occasions, first for outstanding customer service to her patient’s on the SGMC Lanier Campus and the second was for reducing patient wait times on the SGMC Smith Northview Campus. Walker resides in Berrien County with her husband of 37 years, David. She enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren during her spare time.