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Medics Reunited with Twins

Posted on: October 16th, 2017


First responders Will Adams, Joy Wilcox, Jacob Kroening, Nicole Pendleton and Nikki Jackson reunite with twins Leilanii and Aamani Williams.South Georgia Medical Center Emergency Medical Services crew members received a special visit from twins they recently helped deliver. The twins, Leilanii and Aamani Williams, were born Sept. 19 in their home.  EMT’s Nicole Pendleton and Nikki Jackson and paramedics Todd Daniel, Joy Wilcox and Will Adams, along with student Jacob Kroening responded to a call regarding a woman in labor. Upon arrival, the patient had already delivered one baby girl which was being held by her aunt,  12-year-old Jada Williams. The team quickly realized the mother was having twins and the second baby was breach. EMT Nicole Pendleton stepped in and delivered the second baby girl.  The first responders were elated to reunite with the twins almost a month after the event. According to the their grandmother, the twins are doing well and gaining weight.