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Greenleaf Partial Hospitalization Program Is a New Benefit for Tri-Care Enrollees

Posted on: August 18th, 2010


Greenleaf Outpatient Counseling Center is now approved to accept Tri-Care/Value Options Insurance for Mental Health patients wanting to use the Partial Hospitalization Program, or PHP. The Partial Hospitalization Program is Greenleaf’s most intensive level of outpatient treatment. Patients participating in the PHP receive treatment similar to that of a hospital inpatient; however, the therapies are delivered at the Greenleaf Outpatient Center. PHP patients usually come to the Outpatient Center from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Monday through Friday. This new approval allows eligible members of the military community (active-duty, reservists, and dependents) to benefit from intensive group programs. Prior to gaining this approval, Greenleaf was authorized to treat only the substance abuse patients within the Tri-Care coverage family.

According to Casey Corbin, BA, CADC, CCS program director for the Greenleaf Outpatient Counseling Center, this authorization makes a big difference in the lives of many patients who were in Greenleaf’s inpatient facility for issues like post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts/attempts. He said, “Tri-Care has provided this level of treatment for detoxification and rehab for some time. We are very pleased that Tri-Care has expanded its coverage so mental health patients with disorders other than substance abuse problems now have a step-down option.”

Since Greenleaf is now able to offer the complete continuum of care for Tri-care beneficiaries, the Greenleaf staff is optimistic that the PHP program will reduce the number of times a person is re-admitted to the inpatient hospital. Greenleaf works with patients at three different levels of acuity. Inpatient hospitalization is the highest level of treatment. The PHP program serves as the intermediate level.

The PHP can work in a “Pre-acute” capacity to prevent some patients from requiring hospitalization. Similarly, it can serve as “Post-acute” therapy before patients return to their referring professional (community therapist or psychiatrist) for weekly or monthly visits. Another benefit, Corbin stated, is when therapists and doctors in the community notice signs of decompensation in a patient, they can immediately refer that patient to Greenleaf for a free assessment.

Placement (determined from the free assessment) leans toward the least restrictive environment available and preference is given to admitting patients to outpatient programs when appropriate. Greenleaf offers a 24 hour Help Line at 1-800-247-2747. Clinical staff is available around the clock to do free assessments and appropriate treatment placement for anyone who calls.