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Selecting a Day Care Provider

One of the most important decisions working mothers and fathers make is the selection of a day care provider. In selecting a day care provider, consider the following:

Is the location convenient? 
Does it take infants? 
What hours is it open? 
Is it licensed? Accredited? 
Is it bright, attractive, clean, safe, big enough? 
Are babies separated from older children? 
What is the ratio of babies to care providers? 
Are care providers warm and friendly to children? 
Will the center warm and feed breast milk to your baby? 
Are babies held when fed? 
How often are they rocked and held? 
How frequently are babies changed? 
What is the training of the center director and staff – early childhood development, CPR, first aid? 
How does the center handle sick children and giving medications? 
What is the cost? Must you pay when your child is sick or on vacation? 
Ask for names and phone numbers of parents who have used this center and interview them.