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Choosing a Pediatrician

For first time parents, one of the many decisions you will have to make is choosing your child’s pediatrician.  The pediatrician you choose will come and see your baby in the hospital. South Georgia Medical Center has mulitiple affiliated pediatricians for you to choose from.

Family, friends, neighbors and your obstetrician may suggest a pediatrician. Ask them why they recommend the doctor. Be sure you are looking for the same qualities or attributes.

Interviewing a pediatrician before your baby is born has become quite common. This is a nice opportunity to get to know your child’s physician.   

A Few Questions You Can Ask When Looking for a Pediatrician:

  • What physicians does your health plan participate with? Your health insurance should give you this information.
  • What hospital does the pediatrician admit to? Is it covered by your plan? Do you trust that hospital?
  • Do you feel comfortable with the pediatrician? Do you feel rushed or hurried while in the office, or do you feel relaxed and able to discuss things with him/her?
  • Where is the office located? Would you be able to get there in a reasonable amount of time if your child were sick and needed to be seen? Remember to take into account location of daycare, home and work.
  • What office hours are available? Do they offer after-hours care, weekend or holiday options? Do they participate with Youth Care?
  • How large or small is the practice? How long must you wait to get an appointment? Do they offer walk-in care? Do you have to wait long for your appointments? Is the office staff friendly?
  • What are the doctor’s views on infant feeding, immunization and prescribing medication?