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Perineal Pain

If you have an episiotomy (incision of the are between the vagina and the rectum) with stitches placed there, the area may be swollen and tender. These stitches will dissolve and will not need to be removed.  A perineum without stitches may also have bruising, hemorrhoids or a sensation of pulling or burning.


Apply ice to your stitches the first 24 hours after delivery to reduce pain and swelling
Keep the perineum clean and dry to promote healing and eliminate odor. Use warm tap water to rinse vaginal area. Blot with tissue front to back and apply a clean pad.
Carefully wash your hands before and after cleaning the vaginal area
Sit in a bath of clean, warm water 3-4 times daily until incision is healed.
Use ointment as directed by your healthcare provider
Squeeze buttocks together before sitting to minimize discomfort
Ask for pain medication as needed
Use Kegel exercises to promote blood flow: