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After Your Baby is Born

After Birth Pain

These “after pains” are caused by uterine contractions as the uterus returns to normal size; this discomfort usually lasts for a few days. They are more common if you have had a baby before and during the first few minutes of breastfeeding. Read More

Vaginal Bleeding

Vaginal Bleeding or Lochia is the blood, mucus and tissue the uterus sheds after both vaginal and Cesarean births. Read More

Perineal Pain

If you have an episiotomy (incision of the are between the vagina and the rectum) with stitches placed there, the area may be swollen and tender. Read More

Cesarean Incision

Your incision will be tender because the muscles were stretched during surgery. At first, the incision may appear slightly raised and pink in color. There may be a small amount of water/blood-tinged drainage from your incision. Read More

Your Bladder

You may have trouble urinating at first. Your bladder may be numb for a few hours after delivery. Read More

Your Bowels

Your normal bowel habits should return shortly after delivery. You may find yourself “holding back” from having a bowel movement due to a fear of pain from your episiotomy or hemorrhoids. This may lead to constipation. Read More


Hemorrhoids are swollen veins either inside or outside the rectum. Pushing during the birthing process may cause hemorrhoids to become larger, however they usually disappear or get smaller within a few weeks after delivery. Read More

Breast Changes

Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, you can expect some breast changes after your baby is born. Read More

Mother’s Nutrition

Pregnancy is often the time many women evaluate their diets and raise concerns about how their eating habits may effect their unborn babies. After your baby is born, continue the good nutrition practices established in pregnancy. Read More

Rest and Activity

Once you are home, it is important for you to get as much rest as possible. Read More

Emotional Changes and Postpartum Blues

Most women find the first weeks and months after birth to be a time of great emotional upheaval. Intense feelings of joy, exhaustion, fatigue, loneliness, disappointment, fear and happiness are all common in the early postpartum period. Read More

Birth Control

While resuming sexual activity may not be an issue you are thinking about right now, it is important that you consider birth control options to assist you in planning your family. Read More