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Post Delivery

Vaginal Delivery

Women delivering their baby vaginally will stay in the Labor, Delivery and Recovery Room during their recovery period. Mothers will be allowed to have their family enter the delivery room to visit with you and baby for the time you specify (given it does not interfere with your care). You will be able to breastfeed the baby before it goes to the nursery.  After recovery you will be taken to one of our 28 private post-partum suites. View our visitation policy.

Cesarean Delivery

Mothers that deliver their baby by cesarean will be taken from one of our two Operating Suites (located on the 2nd floor in The Birthplace) to Post-Anesthesia Care Unit for approximately one hour and then taken to Post Partum.

You will undergo both physical and emotional changes following the birth of your child. Knowing what to expect and educating yourself and your spouse on these changes can make your recovery faster and more successful.