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When schedules and patient-loads permit, South Georgia Medical Center is glad to accommodate school tours.

Who can tour the hospital?

Kindergarteners through 12th graders

What areas of the hospital can be visited?

The departments appearing on the tour schedule will depend solely on the age of the group.  Three departments per tour.

Kindergarten – 2nd grade: Ambulance, or Nursery

3rd grade and up: Radiology, Pharmacy, Ambulance, Emergency Room

7th grade and up: Radiology, Pharmacy, Emergency Room, Operating Room

High School and Technical: MRI, CT Scan, Pharmacy, Emergency Room, Radiology, Operating Room

How many students can tour at a time?

A maximum of two groups, not totaling more than 45 visitors, may tour the facility per day.

I have a preschool class, can they visit the hospital?

Tours are not available for preschoolers. However, depending upon availability, Andy the Ambulance or a Mobile Health Care Services Ambulance may be requested to visit a daycare center or preschool. These request will be made to the Community Health Promotions Coordinator at 229.333.1074.

How can I schedule a tour for my class?

All tours must be scheduled through the Public Affairs Division department. Call 229-259-4022 to check available dates.

View the SGMC Tour Policy