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Cardiac Education

Heart Facts

Held quarterly, this two-part series addresses risk factors for coronary artery disease, and how your chances for developing CAD can be reduced with proper nutrition, exercise and management. Lunch is provided. Meetings are held in Cardiac Rehab from 11am – 12pm. Registration is required, please contact 229.245.6211 to register.

Compressions-Only CPR

CPR Certified trainers offer Compressions-Only CPR training to groups.  Compressions-Only CPR offers instruction on giving CPR to an adult that suddenly collapses, without the use of rescue-breathing techniques.  If your school, civic, religious or other organization is interested in learning Compressions-Only CPR call 229.333.1074 to request a presentation and demonstration. ->View our Compressions-Only Flyer

Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program

This is a low-key exercise program designed to improve range of motion and flexibility in the arthritic patient. Taught twice weekly by a certified instructor, this is a program of the Arthritis Foundation. To attend this program, call Cardiac Rehab at 229.245.6211.