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With over 15 million cancer survivors alive today in the United States, the survivorship phase of cancer care has become a distinct and important part of cancer recovery. Cancer patients need education and basic tools to help them navigate life after cancer.

Patients who complete their treatment with Pearlman Cancer Center are invited to make a clinic appointment for a one-time Survivorship Consultation. At this appointment, the patient will meet with a nurse practitioner who will review the patient’s personalized Treatment Summary and their LIVESTRONG Care Plan created for the patient and the primary care physician. Patients will also be seen by a Dietitian and Social Worker who provide a comprehensive assessment, create a plan to guide patients to recovery, and encourage choices that promote healthy living.


Learn more about Pearlman Cancer Center’s Survivorship Program from Ellen Woodard, Social Worker.

As patients enter survivorship, there are several reputable online resources to assist them in this phase.
Check out our Online Resource Page  to find the sites and descriptions of each resource.

Survivors can view the above mentioned resources as well as other information in the Cancer Center Resource Library. The library has a computer and is open to patients, survivors and their family. The room is open during normal Cancer Center hours.

To learn more about our Survivorship Program or to set up an appointment, call 229.259.4600.