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Sign On Bonuses

SGMC paramedic


SGMC is offering a $2,500 sign-on bonus for paramedics with a two year commitment.

If qualified, the paramedic will receive $500 at 90 days of employment, $500 at six months of employment, $500 at one year of employment, and $1,000 at two years of employment.


  • The sign-on bonus applies to new grad Paramedics, and new hire Full Time Paramedics.
  • The bonus (applicable taxes deducted) will be included in the payroll check following the specified time period (90 day, etc).
  • Re-hired employees must have been separated for at least 6 months to be eligible.
  • Does not apply to internal PRN Paramedic status changes.
  • The Paramedic must successfully complete their 90 day introductory period to receive the first payment.
  • If the Paramedic recruit is separated from employment, voluntarily or in-voluntarily, no further bonus will be paid out.
  • The positions eligible for the Sign-on Bonus will be identified on the SGMC job posting & will note the recruitment timeframe.

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What are our current paramedics saying?

“Plenty of trauma and medical experience that always keeps you on your toes. SGMC’s EMS is a great family that I’m happy to be a part of!”


“A very busy EMS and great place to work.”