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Breast Cancer Awareness Month- Patient Testimonial

Posted on: October 8th, 2018

Melissa was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2017.

Her primary care physician, Dr. John Anderson, had recommended she go to SGMC for a 3-D mammography. 3-D mammography is an advanced technology that detects 35 percent more cancers than traditional mammography.

Cancer was found in the breast and lymph nodes. Within a couple of weeks, Melissa’s treatments began at SGMC’s Pearlman Cancer Center. She had chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy.

Melissa says she is a survivor because of the prompt action of her primary care physician, Dr. John Anderson; surgeon, Dr. Harvey Miller, and Medical Oncologist Dr. Samuel Ofori.

“My experiences at Pearlman have been phenomenal! Dr. Ofori explained everything so clearly and he even drew diagrams on the exam table paper to help me understand what was happening. It’s very important to me to get good information so I can make informed decisions.”

“The entire Pearlman staff treats you as if you have a problem and they are going to fix it. They don’t treat you like you are ill. I never encountered one person who wasn’t professional and friendly. I can’t imagine going anywhere in the country to get better care.”