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Patient Testimonials – Rehabilitation

Elder Shanks

Elder Shanks came to the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at SGMC in September 2018 following a stroke that affected his right side. When he first came to the rehab unit, he was unable to walk more than 30 feet or go up and down the steps, bathe, dress or groom without a lot of assistance. He had decreased strength in the right leg and had no use of his right arm.

Through the skilled therapy he received from the Occupational, Physical and Speech therapists at SGMC, he was able to improve in all area. When he was discharged from the hospital, he was walking more than 300 feet using a cane, walking up and down the steps, and able to bathe, dress and perform grooming without assistance.

“Everyone was so nice and professional. They encourage hard work. It’s all about where you are and where you want to be… that’s Rehab’s philosophy,” said Shanks. Elder and his wife were so pleased with the therapy received at SGMC that he returned and presented a plaque dedicated to all the therapists that worked with him while he was there.

SGMC celebrated National Rehab Week in September 2018 with various activities. Here you see Mr. Shanks enjoying himself as he pies a therapist!—Adapted from a 2018 print article

“I would like to recognize all the staff on a job well done. Everyone was concerned for my safety and Ina never let me slack. Jason was very king and informative, and Dewey also. Thank you all for your kindness and help.”   M.E., 1-22-2019

“We the family would like to recognize Mr. Griffin for a great job he’s doing. We the family say thank you.” T.T., 1-19-2019

“I would like to recognize Jason, Griffin, Alex, Ina, Katie, Chelsea, Cindy, Adrianna, Morgan, Cedric, Joanna, Maura and everybody else I can’t remember. You have all been good very to me. A+!”

E.H., 1-15-2019

“I would like to recognize all the staff and the ones that looked after me.  They went beyond and above meeting my every need. Ina and Jason helped me so much on getting me back on my feet. It has been positive in this department.” D.G, 1-03-2019

“I would like to recognize Jason for the great job he has done in teaching me how to take care of myself in regard to getting a shower and getting my self-dressed. He also showed me some tricks to make it easier.” – C.B, 12-04-2018

“I would like to recognize all the Rehab Staff for being caring, friendly, show compassion, courteous.  The most loving staff of people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. SGMC is blessed to have each of them. I love them all!”  – N.S, 11-9-2018

8/7/2017: Over the weekend, Chaplain David Nelson had the opportunity to baptize a patient requesting immersion. SGMC Acute Therapy Team Leader Jennifer Wade made this happen by facilitating the use of their tub and mobilizing her team to transport the patient. The look on his face truly says it all! A special thank you to staff who went above and beyond to grant this patient’s wish.