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Social Work Services

As a part of the multi-disciplinary team available at the Pearlman Cancer Center, a caring and compassionate oncology social worker will be available to meet with you individually or in a group setting to provide emotional support during this challenging time.

Our social workers are Masters prepared Licensed Clinical Social Workers who can help you cope with you cancer diagnosis and the many emotions that you and your family may be experiencing. 


  • Individual bio-psycho-social assessments on all new chemotherapy patients
  • Meeting one-on-one with new radiation therapy patients as requested
  • Individual, family or group counseling with referrals to outside providers as indicated
  • Empowering patients to speak with their doctors and family members about difficult subjects related to their diagnosis and treatment
  • Helping patients navigate changes and questions related to their job, insurance needs, access to medication resources, financial resources, family medical leave, etc.
  • Helping patients plan for their care with the use of advanced directives
  • Linking patients with the Social Security Administration, Patient Financial Services, Medicare & Medicaid Services
  • Support Groups and educational programs
  • Helping patients cope with emotions such as sadness, fear, denial and anger
  • Giving patients tools to help them talk with their children about cancer
  • Reducing stress through healthy lifestyle changes and appropriate coping skills
  • Providing information on life as a cancer survivor
  • Helping patients access home health care and hospice care services as needed

Appointments can be made with a social worker by calling Ellen Woodard, LCSW at 229.259.4638 or Sonya Yeager, LCSW at 229.249.5444.