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Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine is used at the Pearlman Cancer Center to assist patients in non-traditional aspects of healing. Currently, our two main programs featured at the Cancer Center are an art therapy program and rehabilitation program. 

Art and Soul

Art and Soul combines art and its healing properties into the day-to-day lives of cancer patients. The mission of the program is to support healing by relieving stress and promoting a sense of wellbeing in those who are ill. The fundamental premise of arts in medicine is that art affects the mind and the mind affects the body. – Interested in Volunteering with this project?

Cancer Rehab Program

Through our Cancer Rehab Program, participating survivors will go through a 12 week post-treatment therapy program of stretching and toning exercises, as well as cardio workouts. 

Research has shown exercise and ideal body weight can reduce cancer recurrence in many cancers. Exercise can also combat fatigue, make you feel better and along with good nutrition, help you reach your ideal body weight and most of all make a healthier you!