Mobile Health Care Services

Emergencies - 911
Non-Emergency Transport 229.249.4045 or 4134
On-Duty Shift Commander 229.561.0146

South Georgia Medical Center Emergency Medical Services is a vital link between the community and our Emergency Department. Ambulance stations are strategically situated in five locations throughout Lowndes County to better serve the residents in Lowndes and Echols counties. In addition, EMS provides routine emergency and non-emergency transfer services to our community - including ambulance, critical care and ambulatory/wheelchair support.

The EMS ambulances have the latest technology through state funding and community support including: 

  • mobile data computers to enable EMTs and paramedics to reduce response times by having instant notification of a 911 caller's needs and location
  • Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL)
  • 12-lead EKGs in the field.  The EKGs are transmitted from the field or ambulance to the Chest Pain Evaluation Unit in SGMC's Emergency Department by radio, telephone or cellular device using Rosetta technology. If an EKG shows signs of an acute MI (heart attack), a STEMI alert is initiated by paramedics from the field. The alert notifies staff at SGMC to prepare for the arrival of a heart attack patient. 
  • Rosetta technology for the public and private ambulance services in Brooks, Berrien and Cook, Clinch, and Lanier Counties. Now all ambulances in the region have the capability to send information to SGMC's Emergency department from miles away.

South Georgia Medical Center Emergency Medical Services (SGMC EMS) has a regional training center, five EMS stations located throughout the county and a fleet of 12 ambulances that are the equivalent to mobile emergency rooms.