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Minimally Invasive Surgery

Many patients facing surgery have the option of undergoing minimally invasive surgery instead of a regular open surgery.  Although many patients are eligilbe for minimally invasive surgeries, not everyone is a candidate.  Your doctor will determine whether or not minimally invasive surgery is right for you. 


Minimally invasive procedures, are also known as laparoscopic surgery. Minimally invasive procedures have changed the way people think about surgery. Thanks to technology and our highly trained surgeons, minimally invasive surgery is availalbe at SGMC and the Smith Northview campus. In most procedures, the surgeon will make several small incisions and use tubes to insert specially designed tools and a miniature camera so the surgeon and the team can view the procedure as a magnified image on a video monitor in the operating room. The number of incisions made depends on the type of surgery. 


For patients that meet certain surgical criteria, minimally invasive surgery offers many benefits such as:

  • very small incisions
  • quicker recovery
  • shorter hospital stay
  • less scarring
  • less pain

This means getting back to the important things in life more quickly!