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2008 Commercials

For 2008, SGMC created its "Your Choice for Health Care" advertising campaign, focusing on our dedication to our patients and community. We invite you to view the commercials featuring some of our patients and their families by clicking the links below.


Kelly Wilson

"We spend almost a week on the pediatric unit.  All of the nurses were so attentive and so understanding."


Claudine Price - Dasher Heart Center Patient

"I want to tell everyone what good things happened to me at South Georgia Medical Center."

Wallace Green - Dasher Heart Center Patient

"My family and I owe Mr. Dasher, the doctors, the nurses and everyone at the Dasher Heart Center a lot of praise."


Billy Dykes  - Pearlman Cancer Center Patient

"You still need to get your annual physical and recommended screenings" 


 Cathy Swilley, RN - The Birthplace

"It's important to be in the right hospital during this specal time."


Coach Freddie Waters - Pearlman Cancer Center Patient

"I put all my faith and trust in the Lord and the staff at the Pearlman Cancer Center"


 Ann Johnston - Pearlman Cancer Center Patient

"My doctor recommended a colonoscopy. It can save your life."


 Kim Rowell - Pearlman Cancer Center Patient

"I have yet to go skydiving or rocky mountain climbing but I did go Harley riding."