Medical Staff


MyHealthSGMC will potentially allow you and your practice staff to communicate securely with patients and colleagues, from your computer. Once enrolled, there are several great features that could be made available for you and your patients:

  • Viewing and ordering SGMC/SNH laboratory, radiology and transcription results.
  • Request appointments and medication refills.
  • Forward results securely and quickly or release to the patients personal health record (PHR).
  • Maintain a portable, PHR accessible anywhere via internet.

If you are intersted in signing up for MyHealthSGMC, please fill out the CGI FORM and email it to  Trouble filling out the CGI FORM? HELP DOCUMENT

Assistance Request Form for Clinical Certification

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New Informed Consent Form

Please be aware the revised form used to document informed consent will be implemented 8-1-13. Updating the form was necessary to comply with all regulatory requirements as well as the Georgia code.

New Consent Form

Surgery Packet Forms

Patient Information Sheet

Remote Access

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